Well I’ve certainly let the blog portion of my site go.  Honestly it is a bang for the buck king of thing.  As this site serves solely as my portfolio, most of the intended audience only cares about the visuals.  Then there are the countless bots and scammers leaving endless […]


New Design

Hi Everybody.  I’ve decided to do a few updates around here.  The prior design of the website was good, but it didn’t have a way of really showcasing some of the animations I have done.  Also I just couldn’t show a host of things that I wanted to be able […]


Site Down, update

Well as you can see things seem to be working a bit more now.  I had to download an updated version of my theme, upgrade the heck out of Option Tree, and start rebuilding.  This is not to mention having to rip wordpress completely off of my site and re-upload […]


Site Temporarily Down – Please Bear with

So I woke up one day to find my site had somehow virtually erased itself. How irritating!  What’s worse is that my theme won’t work for some reason.  My host was no help at all.  There is a new version of option tree which is probably the reason behind it […]